Our Services

Application Development

Application development and technology integration solutions enable clients to make strategic decisions based on information gathered across their own enterprise. Regardless of the solution, our singular goal is to implement viable business solutions and technology tools that enable a quick and sustainable return, quickly.

With seasoned experience in building IT platforms that support a range of major business processes, we help clients achieve strategic objectives with impressive technology.

Integrating complex transactional systems and constructing leading-edge collaborative computing networks. Designing and deploying customer relationship management and sales force automation solutions. Building call centers and Internet portals. Effecting systems integration.

Enterprise Applications

Comprised of veteran technologists and hands-on professionals, our application development and technology integration team possesses a superior skills set, specifically dedicated to servicing the IT needs of Consumer and Industrial Products, Power Fabrications, Telecom & Communication industries, with special strength in data management, supply chain optimization and customer service technology.

By deploying “right-sized” teams of technologists, we can create fast, yet meticulous technology implementations with greater impact than the competition at a fraction of the cost.

Our development offerings deliver world-class business solutions across market-leading technology platforms.

Business & Technology

We work with clients to define strategies that address key business and technology challenges. We are designing and implementing transformation programmes that ensure clients focus on their customers and business development.

Our services extend across the strategic and operational issues of business change enabling organisations to seize new opportunities and to fully exploit IT as an enabler of change.

We have an outstanding record of delivering business-critical programmes and complex IT projects. Our approach integrates the people, the process and technology expertise that underpin successful programmes. Our consultants are expert in managing the interests of the multiple stakeholders frequently involved in major programmes of change.

Successfully implementing programmes to deliver business change requires a cohesive team effort, a range of skills, and most of all, the experience of having done it before.

Business Integration

Our business integration consulting services are aimed at helping organizations leverage the latest technology to achieve business objectives. The latest technology trends such as Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services can provide organizations with great competitive edge.

Our business integration consultants would analyze your business and systems. They would look at ways to integrate you disparate systems to help maximize you business returns.

Our business integration consultants have many years of experience working in complex large scale environments, integrating multiple heterogeneous systems. Using advanced technologies such as Enterprise Service Bus, Service Oriented Architecture, Adapters, Gateways and Web Services, our consultants would look at ways to integrate your systems to make them interact seamlessly.

Understanding how large environments operate and knowledge of the latest integration technologies position us in a unique way to be able to meet your business integration needs.

Software Engineering Services

Innojar Tech runs a mature software engineering organization in India. Our development center in Jaipur provides our clients with high quality software development services. The assurance of mature software engineering processes incorporating our experience and best practices over last decade working for some of the most demanding global corporations, helps our clients in finishing projects in time and within budget.

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace, where every advantage counts, the ability to focus on your key imperatives makes all the difference.

As the technology environment continues its rapid pace of change, more and more companies consider outsourcing for both strategic and tactical objectives.

Technology competency center support, maintenance, training and programming manpower Innojar Tech is designed to enable easy integration with your existing infrastructure. However every enterprise is unique and you may have specific requirements. Our professional services can ensure that you achieve the best possible solution using your existing infrastructure.

Outsourcing & Maintenance

IT infrastructure and application management Outsourcing provides access to competitive skills that can be difficult and costly to acquire. Additionally, sourcing allows resources that can be leveraged to help you flexibly respond to the fluctuating demands of personnel and hardware support, as well as to fast-moving development initiatives and business requirements.

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace, where every advantage counts, the ability to focus on your key imperatives makes all the difference.

Innojar Tech offers a complete, flexible array of services that are focused on cost-effective and efficient business solutions, which can be scaled to grow along with your business.

IT Services

Achieving optimal performance and the planned return on your IT investment is essential to support your organization’s strategy and enable you to do more for your customer. Achieving this, whilst budgets reduce year on year, is a critical challenge.

As a market leader in end-to-end application services with over 10 years experience, Innojar Tech enables clients to realize the full value of their IT systems. We design, build, implement, integrate and manage both tactical and strategic solutions. In partnership with the world’s leading technology providers, we are implementing some of the most complex Star Cine Booking system in HOLLYWOOD.

Through our integrated on and off-shore delivery capability, we are accelerating systems deployment, achieving substantial productivity improvements and providing clients with seamless access to the technical skills from legacy to leading edge. The cost savings generated are funding programmes that are directly benefiting our client’s customers.

In both the public and private sector, Star Technologies is helping clients to integrate global systems, revolutionize supply chains and harness technology to introduce new services and channels to market. We offer a complete spectrum of venturing and partnership models designed to enable effective sharing of risk and reward in an open and highly commercial culture.

IT Outsourcing

Organisations are continuing to face the challenge of investing in strategic IT developments, whilst reducing their IT spends. The driving imperative is to transform systems, processes and operating models, freeing up precious resources to focus on the customer and growth.

At Innojar Tech we are bringing our wealth of experience to bear to help our clients meet these challenges through tailored outsource solutions.

Within an outsourcing partnership, we agree cost savings and performance improvements upfront. Funds liberated from the operational budget can then be re-invested in programmes that enable our clients to deliver more for their customers.

Working in partnership with iCan Technologies, California gives organizations flexible, seamless access to skills and knowledge. Our approach will deliver an agile IT function, creating a platform for growth that releases your resources to focus on delivering more for your customer. We have gained flexibility and reduced our costs by working with the Star Technologies team on the support and enhancement of applications. Productivity has doubled. The bottom line for us is that we’re in closer touch with our customers.